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exhibitor profile

Exhibitor Profile

  • Abrasives, adhesive/joining technologies
  • Air curtains/air filtration
  • Balls crew/balls crew repair
  • Bearing technology
  • Calibration technologies
  • Condition monitoring system
  • Compressors, compressor accessories and components
  • Corrosive prevention
  • Electronic/electric motor maintenance
  • Health/safety - Production reliability and environment
  • HVAC operations and maintenance
  • Industrial paints
  • Measurement & control technologies/inspection devices - temperature measuring instruments; electrical checking devices; mobile emission measuring instruments; equipment for oil, lubricant & fluid monitoring; equipment for industrial testing laboratories & remote monitoring facilities
  • Lubricants & greases, hydraulic oils, industrial gases, anti-corrosives, oil leaners, lubricating units & emulsion processing
  • Maintenance tools and testing equipment’s; plant/building/ facility maintenance & management solutions/contract maintenance & management services
  • Non-destructive testing equipment’s
  • Predictive/preventive maintenance
  • Plumbing technology pumps and pump repair
  • Sensor technology
  • Smart glasses for industrial applications maintenance
  • Software maintenance tools techniques and solutions
  • Surface treatment and coatings
  • Thermal imaging and thermo graphic services/ equipment
  • Vibration analysis
  • Welding equipment technologies