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participation cost

Participation Cost

Space Type Participation Cost (INR)
Indoor Raw Space (Minimum 24 Sq. Mtr.)
  • Indian Companies: 6,000/- Sq. Mtr.
  • Overseas Companies: USD 120/- per Sq. Mtr.
  • Indoor Built-up Space (Minimum 8 Sq. Mtr.)
  • Past Exhibitors/CII Members: 7,000/- per Sq. Mtr.
  • Other Indian Companies: 7,500/- per Sq. Mtr
  • Small Scale Companies: 6,000/- per Sq. Mtr.
  • Overseas Companies: USD 140/- per Sq. Mtr.
  • Electricity preconditions

    • Domestic is defined as organisations registered in India whereas 'Overseas' defines the companies registered outside India
    • Electricity charges and GST would be extra