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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is playing a developmental role in building internal competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing industry. One such initiative is the Industrial Maintenance Expo, which was launched in the year 2010, with an objective to reach out and spread awareness in terms of maintenance solutions to reduce brake down and enhancing productivity as Maintenance is the backbone of any engineering industry.

Industrial Maintenance is of primary importance to the Indian Industry.  Due to lack of adequate maintenance practices of machines, equipment and operations, many firms, particularly small and medium scale enterprises have experienced a drastic drop in productivity,  quality and workplace safety, along with an increase in operational costs rendering the industry uncompetitive in the long run.

The productivity levels of Indian SMEs are generally rather low when compared to firms situated in developed countries.  The absence of the proper industrial maintenance practices and management can be identified as one of the core reasons for this problem, as it leads to frequent equipment breakdowns and accidents on the shop floor.  Eg. Statistics reveal that due to corrosion and its consequences India’s industrial sectors are losing about Rs. 36,000 crores every year which is equivalent to 3.5% of GDP (source: CII-Avantha Centre for competitiveness of SMEs -2009).  Damages due to corrosion and bad maintenance practices lead to losses in production and unscheduled shut down in plants and installations and, more importantly, pose severe safety hazards.  As the requirements for improved productivity and cost effectiveness increase, combined with an increased attention to safety, activities related to industrial maintenance play an increasingly important role.

As a sustained initiative, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing the 6th edition of Industrial Maintenance Expo (IMX) from 15th to 17th December 2017 at Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre, Pune, Maharashtra.

The purpose of this Expo is to demonstrate the latest maintenance tools and techniques to the industry in line with improved profitability of the industry through better maintenance processes aligned With Government of India’s focus on “Zero Defect Zero Effect”.

IMX 2017 will help companies of all sizes to manage and maintain their assets by applying cutting edge tech technology into Industrial Maintenance specialized services to enhance both productivity and efficiency. Its sole purpose is to unify and empower the industry.

The 3-day event will have:
  • Comprehensive Exhibition on Maintenance Sector
  • Conference on Total Productivity Maintenance
  • Conference on Corrosion
  • Buyers Sellers Meet

We are extremely enthusiastic about the possibilities and would like to get you involved, as your participation at the event is therefore highly essential, as you will come across the best professionals in the market & industry.

IMX would be an ideal platform to showcase the latest Maintenance, Repairs, Servicing, Condition Monitoring & Reconditioning techniques highlighting, need and usage to the Industry.